The Value Chain of Virgin Hair Companies

The business of hair extensions is highly developed across the globe with lots of companies, households and careers built around it. Modern commerce with its technology driven capacity has helped to drive the popularity of the business along with its fancied appeal. Virgin Hair Companies are involved in the supply, processing and distribution of human and synthetic hair to markets across the globe.

Sourcing Stage for Virgin Hair Companies

There are virgin hair companies that are involved in the sourcing of natural and raw hair as the first line of business on the chain of activities. They provide the hair directly from the source for other layers of the commercial cycle.

The Processing Stage for Virgin Hair Companies

Quite a number of Virgin Hair Companies are also involved in the processing chain. They receive the untreated hair in their natural state and process them by washing, dyeing, styling and packaging them for the distributors and sellers.

It is common knowledge that the bulk of human hair is supplied to the rest of the world from Asia countries, which have developed a huge base for its production.

Distribution Platforms for Virgin Hair Companies

Virgin Hair Companies involved in the supply and distribution phase of the business are varied, with a common heritage in Vietnam, Cambodia, India and China. They provide a sourcing base to many retail outlets that can found in locations across the world and on the Internet.

Trusted Virgin Hair Companies

Trusted Virgin Hair Companies are known for their supply of original, raw or processed human hair with a touch of class. They maintain the known quality of their products and can be trusted to provide retailers and end users with products that meet the test of time.

The dictates of the market, however, means that people go for the range of products that they can afford. This is what leads to the production of other grades of products that people might find convenient to buy. The grades of human hair include the following;

Raw or Bulk Hair

This class of hair comes at a price range of $140 to $335. The range includes Cheap and Standard Single Drawn Vietnamese Hair, Standard Double Drawn Vietnamese Hair, Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Remy Hair, Vietnamese Super Thin Hair, amongst others.

Machine Weft Hair

This hair range is available for $345 to $405 in different colors, shape and feel. Examples are the Standard Single Drawn Weft Remy Hair and the Standard Double Drawn Remy hair.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in different descriptions that make it easy for use by people across the globe. They can be clipped, taped and ringed to the user’s taste.

Virgin Hair Companies with the capacity to meet the needs of their customers are expanding across the countries of the world with products that help people to set and dictate their sense of style and appearance.