Gold Hair Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Gold Hair Extensions

Finding the right hair extension that can add length and volume to our hair can be a tricky process. With the increasing demands on hair extensions, there are more options to try in the market. In case you are planning to give it a try, gold hair extensions would be the ideal choice. It is available in different locking techniques and styles that will perfectly suit your preference. In addition, it also does not involve any damaging chemicals or glue that can ruin your natural hair.

Short-Term Gold Hair Extensions

Short-term extensions like the clip-in gold hair extensions are relatively easy to use. You only need to section the upper half of the hair and then clip the extensions and let it loose. Different clip-ins can give your hair with that amazing volume. There are also short-term extensions that can give your hair with that natural finish. Adding this type of extension is great to add an extra volume to the lower half of your hair. In case the clips are showing, you can disguise it by spraying a root concealer. It will also help you blend the colour of the extension to the natural blonde colour of your hair.

Long-Term Extensions

There are different long-term gold hair extensions available in the market today. There is absolutely the right extension for everyone. One of the most recent extensions would be the Pre-taped extensions. This is available in small section, and the upper section comes with inherent strip-glue. This allows you to attach the extension directly to your natural hair. This will last for at least 6 weeks.

Another popular option would be the micro-ring gold hair extensions. Compared to the pre-taped that can be attached with glue, this can be attached to your hair using small metal rings. This will be fed on the small rings together with your hair and will be connected below the roots. One of the best thing about this model is that you can easily move it back once your hair grows longer. This means that you no longer have to invest for a new extension.

If you want gold hair extensions that can last for more than 6 months, the sew-in type would be your best option. Unfortunately, you will have to return to your stylist every 4 weeks to make sure that the braids are tight. You may also opt for a pre-bonded extension. This type of extension highlights a bond that is located on top. Some pre-bonded extensions have keratin that will maintain the condition of your hair. The extension will be attached to the root of your hair by melting the adhesive directly to your natural hair. It will last at around 4 months, but you also have to schedule a monthly appointment to your stylist to keep your hair looking smooth and vibrant.

In case you are thinking about using gold hair extensions, there are different brands in the market that can guarantee that your hair will have that perfect finish. These extensions can be a practical, fashionable and exciting way to add an instant length to your hair.